At Raptor, we provide exceptional single-family services.  Please read more to find out the large amount of services we offer. 

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The health of the interior of any home is greatly influenced by the roof of it.  An efficient roof with personalized features, and a great warranty ensures the maximum benefit for the owners.  Raptor Roofing and Construction offer single-family roof replacement services that are represented by a team of hard-working professionals who always have client needs as the TOP priority.


A roof that is not properly maintained can compromise the integrity of that structure.  Leaks, pooling water and increased decay can be the result, causing more expenses in the long-run.  Raptor Roofing and Construction wants to ensure MAXIMUM longevity of your roof by conducting routine bi-annual single-family maintenance.


Natural disasters can be detrimental to any home owner.  From strong winds to hail damage, the Raptor Roofing family understands the problem and KNOWS the solution. We are here to provide the single-family roofing repairs necessary to ENSURE the safety of the property.

Other Offered Services

  •  pitched roofs
  • expert fence cleaning and staining
  • window screen replacement/repair
  • free inspections
  •  flat roofs
  • gutters and down-spouts
  • solar screen replacement/repair
  • free quotes

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Need to file a claim with insurance? We can help!!!

Raptor Roofing and Construction wants to make getting the roof you need as easy as possible.  We will work with your insurance company, so you wont have to!  

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