Our First Blog Post!

Hello friends and family,

Welcome to the blog page for Raptor Roofing and Construction! We are so happy that you are taking time out of your day to visit us. Here is a brief update on our progress in 2019. We hit the ground running and have had an extremely busy start. Our clients so far have been amazing, and we enjoyed working with every one. The local community is what makes this company a huge success!

Hail season is getting closer everyday. Please keep us in mind if you have any problems that occur from any bad weather. We will gladly take the time to visit and see what can be done. Derek and Dan are both available on via mobile phone throughout the day, OR try out our new “text us” button. It will forward you right to Dans’ number, where you can message him directly with any issues. Also, take the time to subscribe to us to get quarterly/updates on the company. Thank you once again for taking the time to visit us at our new website. We are looking forward to an amazing 2019, and cannot wait to meet each one of you personally. Make sure to check back for frequent blog posts about what are family is up to! Until next time, friends!

Nicholas Tadie, Analyst, Raptor Roofing and Construction

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